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Estate Planning

At a time when surveys show a majority of Americans don’t even have a basic will to help distribute assets after death, the need for sound estate planning remains vitally important. While less than one percent of citizens will have estates large enough to require the payment of estate taxes, other matters may be just as important to consider.  For example, business owners may need to plan the ownership structure for their family business around children who are – or are not -- involved in the company. In other cases, entrepreneurs with no heirs may wish to leave a legacy for various interests or causes they strongly support.

At Soren McAdam, we understand that estate planning is not just about finances – it’s also about ensuring that your personal wishes are carried out to the extent possible under the law. As CPAs, we stay current on all changes in federal and state tax law, which means we have the expertise to create estate plans that minimize tax liabilities for you and future heirs or beneficiaries. In addition, we frequently provide administration services as trustees or executors, where our fiduciary responsibility is to make sure estate management issues are handled in accordance with your documented goals. 

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