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Why Join Soren McAdam?

Sustainable Career Path

Over a working career, professionals must juggle conflicting priorities in the office and at home. At Soren McAdam, our goal is to create sustainable, rewarding career opportunities while still providing latitude for team members to meet their personal priorities. In some cases, this may mean flexible scheduling options (when possible, based on client requirements). By taking the long view, we strive to help our talented staff fulfill their workplace commitments without sacrificing the quality of their personal lives.


Today’s CPA firms face daunting client and regulatory challenges. While we believe such challenges raise the bar for professional performance, we also understand that success is a long-term investment. At Soren McAdam, we empower team members with responsibilities that strengthen their skills, talents and creativity. At the same time, we provide each team member with the professional development opportunities needed to achieve their goals.

Lifetime of Learning

Career goals can change over a period of years. At Soren McAdam, we provide team members the opportunity to explore a broad range of services or specializations, which can help them discover a path that delivers a high level of professional rewards.