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Audit Senior


The Audit Senior is a vital member of the team. They must perform all Staff Accountant responsibilities, including audits and reviews in various industries as well as being involved with every aspect of this task from planning to preparation for financial statements.


Benefits & Perks
401K, Medical, Dental, Vision, PTO, Flex Spending Plan, Professional Education
Bachelor’s in Accounting required, Minimum of 2-5 years of public accounting experience
Redlands Office
Monday - Friday
Local Travel

Your Questions

We would love for you to join our team! And we think it’s important to start by addressing your questions first. Hopefully, this answers most of them and gives an idea of what working at Soren McAdam is like, but if not let us know by emailing with “QA Position” as the subject line.
Public accounting will present different experiences on a daily basis. However, typically the day consists of completing tasks ranging from financial statements or tax returns within your team environment where employees are given specific work to complete- all while providing exceptional client service!
Every new team member will initially go through a one-week in-depth training over the internal software and processes. In addition to this, we’ll put you on engagements where continuing education can continue from what was learned during the initial week – all with an eye towards keeping our employees up to date so they have access to whatever resources are most relevant for them! This helps keep CPA licenses current too by offering annual continuing professional courses.
Career goals are typically set with the individual’s career advisor throughout each year. These annual plans ensure that you’re staying on track for what will make your future bright. Regular meetings between yourself and your career advisor allow them to give feedback along the way.
We’ve seen tremendous growth over the past 5 years, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. We plan on continuing that trend as our team expands further into new markets with more opportunities for those within the company who want them.
The firm continues to see record growth and it is exciting to see the opportunities this creates for others within the company. There are many different paths one can take in order become a partner with us, including climbing up through our ranks or specializing your area of expertise while providing exceptional client service on top of everything else.
We continue to see strong growth in revenues year over year and there is an immense need for us to expand our staff as we work towards sustaining this success. We’re looking for someone who wants a chance at career advancement, so they can be part of something bigger – like you! 😍
The firm is committed to promoting employees and offering advancement opportunities. 🚀 You will be assigned your career advisor who can work with you on how we achieve promotions, which includes being placed in a position that’s most suited for success within the company according to what they recommend.
For those who have not obtained their CPA license, we would challenge them to develop a plan to prepare, schedule, study, and complete all 4 parts of the exam. Additionally, we want to see new team members learn our software and processes and develop rapport with other team members.

Benefits & Perks

Over a working career, professionals must juggle conflicting priorities in the office and at home. At Soren McAdam, our goal is to create sustainable rewarding opportunities while still providing latitude for team members to meet personal commitments by taking an inclusive approach that prioritizes both professional responsibilities as well as individual needs like family time or hobbies outside work hours.

401K Retirement Plan
Vision Coverage
Personal Time Off
Medical Coverage
Life Insurance
Flex Spending Plan
Dental Coverage
Disbility Insurance
Professional Education

The company also has an annual tradition of celebrating April 15th to help employees and their families relax after the busy season. Past events have included partners cooking BBQ for everyone, games with kids in an outdoor setting, or even having a food truck outside!

Audit Senior Responsibilities

● Able to perform all Staff Accountant responsibilities.
● Perform audits, reviews, and compilations in a variety of industries including construction, healthcare, and manufacturing/distribution.
● Involved in every aspect of the audit including the planning and preparation of financial statements.
● Provide high-level support for clients including managing expectations and meeting deliverable deadlines.
● Work as part of a team that helps to provide tax and industry knowledge and experience to clients.
● Develop, motivate and train staff-level team members.
● Collaborate with supervisors, managers, and partners on both team and client issues.

Education & Experience

● Bachelor’s in Accounting required.
● Minimum of 2-5 years of public accounting experience.
● CPA certification preferred.

Audit Senior Core Competencies

Results Orientation – Clearly communicates and practically acts out the firm’s vision and business plan. Is a positive role model for setting goals and achieving results. Helps others understand how their efforts contribute to the firm’s success.
Teamwork – Accomplishes goals by effectively partnering with others inside and outside the firm. Builds both team and firm spirit to create excitement, enthusiasm, and commitment to team/firm goals.
Firm Economics – Develops new efficiency and cost containment techniques. Puts these practices in place and educates others in the firm. Continually develops improved project plans and budgets, utilizing personal experience/knowledge of the client and that of others and focusing on appropriate leveraging of work.
Technical Excellence – Develops guidelines to help others understand and apply complex technical concepts/issues. Responsible for all technical issue identification on projects and participates in issue resolution utilizing all available resources. Shares technical depth with others to build the firm’s technical expertise.
Client Service – Regularly obtains positive feedback from clients on their satisfaction with work. Consistently obtains high marks from internal inspection, peer review, and other internal reviews for projects managed. Responsible to retain 100% of the firm’s desired clients.
People Development – Is attentive to the responsibilities of his/her people development roles. Supervises effectively including recognizing capabilities and providing feedback to staff. Assist in identifying and participating in recruiting events, taking a leadership role in recruiting specific candidates based on business needs.
Business Development – Actively participates in firm marketing activities. Takes initiative to develop/champion new products or service niches for the firm.
Communication – Diplomatically handles complex topics, varied audiences, difficult questions, and unexpected situations. Actively seeks, discusses, and listens to ideas and information from others.
Strategic Thinking – Understands the client’s business strategy and the day-to-day operations of the client’s organization. Challenges client requests and logic when appropriate to ensure optimal strategic business decisions are made. Supports and participates in the creation of transition systems and structures to ensure the implementation of the firm’s strategic plan.
Developing Self and Others – Acts as a mentor. Coaches/advise others on how to anticipate, define, prioritize and solve problems. Provides staff with appropriate development opportunities, assignments, tools, and resources. Creates a positive, flexible and energetic work environment that encourages people to develop and succeed.
Relationship Building – Utilizes personal networks to identify and develop potential new businesses for the firm. Maintains personal professional relationships with key decision-makers within client organizations to ensure long-term business relationships. Builds solid networking relationships with clients, prospects, and referral sources through active involvement in industry, civic and social activities.
Conceptual Thinking – Develops, designs, and implements solutions to client problems or needs that have a broad organizational impact. Facilitates ‘what if” thinking and leads brainstorming and creative problem-solving meetings.
Influence – Identifies and eliminates obstacles in complex, tense situations. Develops ideas and positions thoughtfully and influences others successfully. Facilitates feedback across all levels of the organization
Initiative – Champions new ideas within the firm. Identifies, pursues, and capitalizes on new business opportunities. Is self-directed.
Change Orientation – Effectively motivates others to accept new ideas and change opinions, practices, or actions. Able to develop contingency plans to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. Responds to changing situations by being innovative, creative, and taking action to ensure needs are met.

Audit Senior Demonstrated Contributions

Client Services
● Consistent track record of success in serving clients with a demonstration of high-quality client service.
● Creates, establishes, manages, and meets or exceeds clients’ expectations.
● Consistent track record of meeting deadlines.
● Regularly obtains positive feedback from clients on their satisfaction with work.
● Past successful results in research and technical judgment.
People Development
● Supervises effectively recognizes capabilities of subordinates, and provides adequate on-the-job training.
● Provides timely, relevant, and effective feedback to co-workers on a continuous basis, and, when asked, in an annual review of a co-worker’s performance.
● Assists in identifying and filling recruiting needs for the firm, taking a leadership role in recruiting specific candidates based on business needs.
Firm Economics
● Develops new efficiency and cost containment techniques. Puts these practices in place and educates others in the firm.
● Achieves, on a consistent basis, realization targets established by the project budget.
Business Development
● Develops strong relationships with appropriate referral sources and follows up with contacts to develop client prospects or new work.
● Achieves visibility in the general business community and in specific industry specialty groups.
● Demonstrated understanding of taxation issues facing individuals and companies of all sizes.

Desired Values & Culture

● Professionalism
● Respect
● Integrity
● Dedication
● Excellence
● Teamwork

Authority & Responsibility

● Reports to the Tax Partner of Soren McAdam LLP
● Direct reports may include Staff, Senior and Supervisor level tax team members.
● Responsible to provide regular feedback including performance reviews of staff.

Bonus Points

● Must possess a strong willingness to participate in a high-energy team environment.
● Must possess strong research abilities related to complex tax matters.
● Must possess excellent computer skills including proficiency in Microsoft Office.

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Every firm member who works for Soren McAdam, LLP works not only for a particular team/partner but also for the firm as a whole. Accordingly, firm members are expected to act in the best interests of the firm, even if doing so requires actions and behaviors not listed in the above Role Description. This Role Description is provided as a tool to assist you in understanding your position and is subject to revision by management when client service needs change.