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Business Advisory Services

Business owners often require expertise that is not available within their management team. Whether your needs involve general business planning, M&A, business valuation or internal control services, turn to the team at Soren McAdam for trusted, knowledgeable advice that can help you achieve.

Business Planning

Many companies regularly work on plans to grow sales, increase visibility and attract new customers. However, a much smaller number understand the value of investing in business planning, which can help identify goals, establish benchmarks and remove internal roadblocks to success.

At Soren McAdam, our team starts every business planning engagement by exploring key concerns with senior leaders. This helps us target internal reviews in specific areas, such as production capacity, cash flow, HR policies, IT systems, estate and succession planning or contingency planning. When our reviews are complete, we deliver specific, actionable recommendations that can immediately improve business performance. Once planning tools are in place, we also provide benchmarking services that help ensure the company stays on track for years to come.

Mergers & Acquisitions

In today’s competitive world, there’s more to a successful merger or acquisition than just closing the deal. It’s making sure it’s the right deal – on the right terms – done for the right reasons and transitioned in the right way. That’s why Soren McAdam’s experienced M&A team takes time to understand each client’s key transaction objectives, which helps us design practical accounting and tax solutions that deliver strategic business results.

Our M&A practice has the expertise to handle even the most complex purchases, reorganizations, joint ventures, divestitures, spinoffs or buyouts. We frequently handle transactions for family-owned or closely-held businesses, seeking to maximize after-tax benefits for individual business owners and executives. In many cases, our M&A team coordinates activity with Soren McAdam’s estate planning experts, which allows us to identify and address wealth transfer issues in the early stages of a transaction. We deliver these services with a consistent, client-centered focus, which ensures effective communication throughout the deal process.

Business Succession Planning

It’s no secret that effective tax planning is a key reason why some businesses succeed when others struggle. For example, business entity selection during start-up directly affects a range of future issues, such as taxation, capital formation and liability protection. For mature companies, regular challenges include tax planning, tax disputes or business succession planning. For those reasons, it makes good sense to choose an accounting partner that understands not only tax regulations, but real-world business needs.

At Soren McAdam, our team isn’t afraid to dig into your organization’s most pressing tax issues. We start each relationship by asking comprehensive questions, identifying   goals and assumptions, and delivering practical counsel to help improve day-to-day business operations. Our low-key, approachable style – and focus on clearly-defined results – are some of the reasons why we maintain long-term relationships with most of our clients.

Internal Control Review and Evaluation

After the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was passed into law, publicly held companies in the U.S. were held to a higher standard of accuracy in financial reporting. More recently, the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) updated its internal controls framework, providing more specific guidance on establishing sound, cost-effective deterrents to improper financial activities. At Soren McAdam, our CPAs carefully monitor this regulatory environment, enabling us to confidently help clients’ organization optimize their internal control systems.

In any internal controls engagement, our team will start by asking thoughtful questions about your business, control environment and activities, risk assessment, monitoring and communication. This process allows us to evaluate current state effectiveness, while uncovering gaps that can be closed to provide a stronger overall control system. After we deliver our recommendations, we can also provide monitoring support to make sure any new control environment is ready to meet current – and future – threats.

Internal Audit Outsourcing

A top-notch internal audit function will help minimize business risk while enhancing organizational performance. However, many companies do not have the resources to fully staff an internal audit operation, while others have not optimized internal audit’s capabilities for maximum return on investment.

The knowledgeable team at Soren McAdam can help you bridge these gaps. By using a fully outsourced solution, your company benefits when our CPAs deliver a skilled assessment of existing business processes and internal controls. If you don’t need total outsourcing, our team can provide targeted support in crucial areas. Since our CPAs are highly-qualified independent experts, you and your stakeholders can also be assured that all recommendations are made to improve efficiency, reduce risk and maintain regulatory compliance.

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